Bak Hsing Choy Lee Fut Forms

The Bak Hsing style of Choy Lee Fut has considerably fewer forms than other styles of Choy Lee Fut. This is because our Founder, Master Tam Sam, placed a strong emphasis on sparring. The few forms that there are cover the main techniques, and, together with the Poons (2-man, 3-man etc. drills), embody all of the techniques of Bak Hsing Choy Lee Fut. In more recent times, Master Lam Kam Chuen created a single longer Combination Form that contains all of the methods found in the other short forms. Master Lam’s form, together with an easy beginner’s form, is the main aspect of our forms practice for Choy Lee Fut.

  • Choy Lee Fut Combination Form (a.k.a. Lam Form, or Long Form)
    - which is a combination of the short traditional Bak Hsing forms:
    • Ping Kuen
    • Siu Ping Kuen
    • Sup Se Kuen
    • Kou Da
  • Yongquan Choy Lee Fut Beginners’ Form
    - a short, easy form to get people started with Choy Lee Fut

The Beginners’ Form is much easier than any of the traditional forms, and leaves out most of the more difficult circular “Dragon” animal elements of Bak Hsing. It is intended mainly to get students started with Choy Lee Fut. It also preserves a few extra techniques that appear in the traditional poons, but which do not appear in any of the traditional forms.

The Combination Form is not really a new form - extended sections from the traditional forms are preserved in it - rather, they have been fitted together elegantly to make a single longer form, and many of the repeated movements that appear in the original forms have been taken out. Having a “one form martial art” is a rather nice feature of our particular lineage in that it leaves plenty of practice time free for applications, poons and sparring, and choosing which form to practice is an easy decision.